New Owners


Welcome to Our Community!


Dear New Resident,

Welcome to “The Pines Condominiums”.  This packet contains the information that you will need to know about our community.  Please read, sign and return the appropriate forms included.

This is only Rules and Regulations and not the Master Deed or By-Laws.  Owners should have received a copy of the Master Deed and By-Laws from the seller.  If not, please contact Kentucky Realty Company for instructions.

Owners please retain this Packet along with the Master Deed and by-Laws to pass on to the new owner when you sell the unit.

Renters, this packet contains information which is applicable to you.  Please retain it for your information.

We hope that you enjoy your new home.


-The Board of Directors of the Pines

Welcome Packet 2017

Pines Condominiums Pool Rules